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The Start of 2020

The start of 2020 is not how I expected that it would be, I had been feeling better and my mind seemed to be getting clearer, but just as Dystonia does it hit like a slider thrown from a fastball closer! We had gone to the ER because my daughter could not swallow, and we wanted to know why she had seen the E.N.T. and he said from what he could see everything was fine. So he sent the three of us, my wife, daughter, and me to the E.R. We had been there for about thirty minutes or so and I felt a twinge in my back, which for me is not good. I have felt this twinge before and each time I had ended up with a hospital stay. I was hoping this would not be the case, but I was wrong.
    I begin to have a Storm in the E.R. and they were not sure what to do with me as is with most hospitals, so they called my neurologist and he told them what to do under the circumstances. There is a cocktail of medicines the they give me through an I.V. and that is what they tried, and that has always worked t…


I’m not very good at sharing all the health challenges that I face...and that as a result are faced by my family. Joshua does a much better job at putting into words what that is like.

I wanted to make a post about the relationship Joshua and I have together...and how it has changed over the years. 
Joshua and I have been close for as long as I can remember. We are only 19 months apart so I don’t remember life without him. Each of my siblings played a special role in my life. I loved being outdoors, but if I wanted to go get muddy...well, Joshua wasn’t the one I asked. However, Joshua was a good listener, and we could have some great conversations about so many subjects. He also loves Southern Gospel music so we would listen and sing together. He has musical talent. I don’t. He still put up with me though. Since we went to Christian schools or homeschool, we frequently had classes together. Sometimes three years were put in the same classroom. Once in the seventh grade, 7-12th had a c…