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Compassion or selfishness

I do not have much for updates, except summer is coming which means my health will take a downward turn. I cannot do much in the summer because the moment I step outside into the sun I feel like my skin is boiling, very unpleasant, as you can imagine, While others around me enjoy the summer, and the nice change of pace, I enjoy the Winter or fall, but here we have 2 seasons winter and summer no fall no spring.
  It is quite interesting the take I have on the quarantine now that people have been that way for a few weeks, they are starting to get restless, and protests are breaking out all over the country, because people can't feel trapped, I might remind you that this is my everyday, there is no when it is over we will get back to normal and be able to go back out and do all of the things we love to do, because for me the truth is when this blows over nothing will change. I will still feel trapped, I still won't be able to go to most places because of the loud noises. I will be right here in my house where I have felt trapped for three years. I know other people that it has been longer. I fear that we will be largely forgotten after this pandemic is past, the compassion that we think we feel for those who can't get out and there does not seem top be an end in sight. Remember if there is an end in sight for you atleast you have that! I am not sure true compassion is feeling sorry for ourselves so then in turn we start to care for those whose daily lives never changed, and then when the Pandemic is over all of the people about whom you thought you where so concerned slip your minds.
   We take up a cause when it effects us, and that is true of most diseases. for the most part if we actually are honest with ourselves we are very selfish, and I am including myself, because there are those that are far worse than I will ever be, and they will be forgotten, because the pandemic will be over for most people. So compassion that is felt for those who are always or most of the time shut in is not really compassion it is just selfish now we can feel sorry for someone else because we are in the same position that they are always in.
  I have also heard complaints about the social isolation people are feeling because they cannot get out and about, and how mental health is now a concern because of the pandemic. What about the people who have spent years in isolation, and no one seem to care about there mental health? Why?, because it does not affect you. we have to face ourselves for who we really are. When the pandemic is over and everyone is out socializing and go about there Jobs and regular business resumes will there still be mental problems for those who still cannot get out because of health reasons? That answer is an emphatic yes, but since it does not affect most people the "compassion", they felt will disappear, the "empathy" will no longer exist because it does not affect them.
  For some people this will not end. It will be there life still just like it was when the pandemic started because it will no longer affect them!
  I am afraid all will be forgotten because this compassion this caring is a from our selfishness. Once the world is back to it's everyday routine Dystonia patients will be forgotten again because it does not affect them, or any other disease that causes social isolation that is how I see it again these are my Copyrighted thoughts not the thoughts of others, or thoughts with which you may agree!


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